Why Psych Pathways?

Welcome to Psych Pathways! This is the companion website for the book Psychology Pathways: How Psychology Majors Get into Graduate School and Launch Careers by Joel W. Hughes, Ph.D. This book is available here on Amazon.

The best graduate programs and careers are getting more competitive, and Psychology Pathways is for psychology majors who want an advantage. Dr. Hughes blends his 30 years of experience with insights gained from developing a Career Pathways in Psychology course, advising hundreds of students, and helping students gain admission to graduate programs in business, law, medicine, public health, and of course, psychology.

What this site is not: This site is not a replacement for faculty advising, professional advising, talking to your peers, and all of the other resources emphasized in the book! This site is not monetized, which means that other than the link to the book, there is no other way it makes money. There is no “upsell.” There is no “special offer.” There are no “affiliate marketing” links. Nothing.